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TurboTax FAQ
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How can I prove that I e-filed before the April 18, 2017 deadline?

As long as you transmitted your return before midnight on April 18, 2017, your return is considered timely filed even if it doesn't get accepted until after the deadline.

Your Electronic Postmark is a way you can prove that you e-filed before the deadline. It's a time stamp that shows when your return was transmitted.


Here's how to print out all the e-filing activity related to your return, including the Electronic Postmark:

TurboTax Online – Simply go through the steps to check your e-file status online to retrieve your filing status history. You can then capture a screenshot or print it out.

TurboTax CD/Download software

  1. First, open your return.
  2. Then, from File menu in TurboTax, select Check E-file Status.
  3. Click Print.