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How can reduce my monthly debt

I have an Auto loan with high interest rate. I would like to reference it

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Debt management

Begin Budgeting

Pay bills immediately
.Recognise your debt as a total sum

you may use several debt vehicles like credit cards, personal loans  and overdrafts. Depending on the type of debt, the levels of interest  you have to pay varies. Manage your debt by eliminating your higher  interest debt. This does not mean getting rid of your credit cards. This  means shopping around for better products in the market. Don't settle  for a credit card charging 25% interest when you can have a credit card  charging 10% interest. You can also sometimes replace the debts which  charge higher interest with a loan which is at a lower interest rate  (such as replacing a credit card with a personal loan).
Set up automatic debits from your accounts for over the minimum payments

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Debt management

@lyndandej wrote:

I have an Auto loan with high interest rate. I would like to reference it

That may be a good idea as long as you don't also increase the payment length.  (Don't turn a 5 year loan into a 7 year loan to get a lower payment, it isn't worth it in the long run and you don't want to be making payments on a beater.)


Check with your local banks, or credit unions.  Your auto insurance provider may offer loans.  If you are a member of an auto service club like AAA, they may offer loans in your area.


Your ability to qualify for a loan on a used car will depend on your credit, your other debts, and maybe the age and condition of the car. 

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