Level 2

Credit cards

@raptorfun hey 👋 this sounds amazing for something I’d like to do just don’t know where to start?! Where and how did you do this?! I have 4 cards but still paying them each month except 1 that never credited me back money from a merchant who messed up long
Story so I stopped paying them as I faxed over receipts showing merchant putting amount back on my credit card as the company though did not and I called them 1000s of times and they did nothing for me! Anyways so that one I just wanna pay off and cut up and the others I wanna pay into 1 payment.. 1 of mine is a money transfer Rewards card so I believe I can transfer all to that card and have 1 payment right?! Or did u get a loan and how if I have fair credit had 640 but because of this issue above it has gone down but is still fair..any suggestions and I’m in FL...