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Determining Military family residency per state

We maintained our legal home state as Maryland. From January -May we lived in Connecticut. May 28- End of 2016 we lived in our home we bought in Georgia. In Connecticut I was utilizing the Military spouse relief act. I am not sure how to file my (spouse) W2s and how to answer residency questions.
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Tax help for military filers

When you complete the Personal Interview in TurboTax:
  1. Select Maryland as your "state of residence" (both of you);
  2. Answer "No" to "(Name) lived in another state in 2016?" (both of you). The question "lived in another state" applies to your state of residence. Active-duty military and their non-miitary spouse are considered to be "living" in their home of record state, regardless of where they are stationed;
  3. Unless the military member had non-military income in the state where stationed, answer "No" to the question "Did you earn money in any other states?"(Military member only).
  4. If the military spouse had income in the state where stationed, answer "No" to the question "Did you earn money in any other states?"(Military spouse only). Under MSRRA, that income is considered as earned in the spouse's state of residence.
If the military spouse's employer withheld CT and/or GA taxes from their wages, you will have to file a CT and/or GA Non-resident to get a refund of those taxes. Going forward, you should request your employer to stop withholding taxes for the state where you are stationed.