Re: Problem with reporting IRA rollovers
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I read your answer to another user and I have a similar problem.  I did a Trustee-to-Trustee IRA transfer.  The 1099-r from the paying trustee incorrectly reported distribution code 7.  When I contacted them (Fidelity Investments) they claimed not to worry (and they won't fix it) because they said IRS will match the CORRECTLY completed Form 5498 from the receiving trustee and deduct it from my taxable income!  But TurboTax then won't report my tax correctly.  I'm using the 2018 H&B desktop version.  It does not have a "what did you do with the money" box that I can find.  I see only an option to CORRECT the 1099-R.  But if I do that, will I lose the ability to e-file? I have all the evidence to show it was a direct trustee-to-trustee rollover.  I actually had two of them from two different IRAs.  One from Fidelity and another from a different IRA but both use National Financial Services LLC as their agent for preparing the 1099s and they refuse to fix these

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