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Retirement tax questions

are you using the online or desktop version of Turbo Tax? and if desktop, is it premiere, deluxe or basic?


I just tested your answers in Desktop Deluxe and it worked correctly.  There should be no need to override and it is not a bug!!!! 



the fact that Box 7 is a 7 indicates you received the money.  


How did you move the money from the 1st trustte to the 2nd trustee. If it was a direct rollover (i.e. you never saw the check), that code in Box 7 should have been a G.   


Did you get the rollover check from the 1st trustee and then you sent it to the 2nd trustee (within 60 days) or did the 1st trustee send it directly to the 2nd trustee?  and that Form 5498 who sent it to you, the 1st trustee or the 2nd trustee (please look closely!)


Please confirm that the dollar amount on Form 1099 in Box 1 or 2a (since they are the same)  reflects  the amount that rolled over or does it reflect the amount of the RMD? 


trying to help you out here so this doesn't get worse!