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Do I need to report employer contribution to HSA if retired? If yes, how do I do that in TT? I’m retired, not 65 y/o, no W2, have 1099-R for pension, have HDHP & HSA.

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Retirement tax questions

Yes, you do need to report that amount.


I assume that you are not on Medicare? The moment you go on Medicare, you will have to stop receiving contributions from any source to your HSA.


Since you don't have a W-2, you will have to do the following to report the HSA employer contribution:


1. enter the HSA interview (do a Search (upper right) for hsa and click on the jump-to link)

2. proceed forward until you see "Did your employer tell you about any other contributions?"

3. click on "Yes"

4. three new lines should appear - the third one is "Employer and payroll contributions not reported in box 12 of your W-2"

5. Enter the HSA contribution amount here. This will be reported on your 8889 on line 9. 

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Retirement tax questions

Thank you Bill!!! That worked. I knew there had to be a way to do this but I couldn’t determine how.