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I have a 1098 with an amount in box 6, what do I do with it? When I try to enter it, it only askes for box 1. Does this amount not matter?

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Retirement tax questions

If you took out the loan in 2016, you'll be able to enter the points reported on Form 1098 in Box 6 later in the tax interview. 

  • Enter the information on the Let's get the details from your 1098 now screen and click Continue.
  • TurboTax prompts Did you take out this loan in 2016? If you did, select Yes and click Continue
  • Next you'll be asked Did you pay points in 2016 when you took out the loan? Select the response that applies to your situation. If you select I paid points when I purchased or refinanced to improve my main home and click Continue, the next screen will have a place where you may enter the points reported in Box 6 of the 1098. (Click the screenshots below for reference.)

Please see the FAQs below for more information.

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