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Why do I need to indicate how much is for RMD on each individual IRA 1099-r distributions as long as my total distributions are over the total RMD required?

I have several individual distributions over several different IRAs. Some IRAs I took much more than required for that IRA, but others I didn't take any distributions.  The overall total  distribution was more than the total required, but don't know how to specifically put an RMD total for each individual distribution.
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You don't need to have it broken down into your separate amounts, as long as you have documentation.

See the below screenshot for the place where you check the box.

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TurboTax asks for the RMD amount of each separately entered Form 1099-R to determine how much of the distribution is eligible for rollover.  Any portion of the distribution that is RMD is not eligible for rollover and TurboTax will block you from indicating in the follow-up from indicating that any portion that was RMD was rolled over.  If you did not roll over any of the distribution, it doesn't matter what you tell TurboTax as the amount of the distribution that was RMD.  It only matters that in the follow-up after clicking the Continue button on the Your 1099-R Entries page that you indicate whether or not you satisfied all RMDs properly.