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Turbotax is asking for a plan cost for my exxon mobil pension. this is a qualified pension that I did not pay for

I have a pension from exxon mobil that I started drawing in 2016. it is a pension that I did not pay for, but the turbo tax is asking for a plan cost at annuity starting date. why is it asking for a plan cost?
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Retirement tax questions

"Basis" in a retirement plan is also called "cost" or "contribution". In other words, the software is asking if you put any after-tax dollars in the retirement plan over the years while you were employed.


When the taxpayer retires, then the pension or annuity from the retirement plan begins. As the payments are made to you, each payment consists of a little bit of that "basis" and a lot of the money that the company is contributing.

You don't owe tax on the "basis" that is paid to you each period, because the "basis" is after-tax dollars that you contributed - and you don't get taxed twice on the same money.

The employer's contribution is, of course, taxable. This means, for example, that if a taxpayer received $12,000 in pension payments, that perhaps only $11,600 might be taxable if $400 of the payments were the return of the "basis".

There is a Simplified Method that determines the amount of "basis" that is included in each periodic payment, so that the return of the "basis" to the taxpayer is spread out over an actuarial life span.

If the taxpayer didn't make any after-tax contributions to the retirement plan (as is often the case), then the "basis" is zero, and each distribution from the retirement plan is 100% taxable.

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