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How do I determine when my federal tax will be paid? I chose to have it withdrawn from my checking acct but can't locate the information in my return.

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If you set-up a payment for your income tax payment using TurboTax and you did not specify a payment date for the withdrawal, TurboTax's default payment date will be used (the last day of tax season = April 18th this year).

If your payment date has passed but your tax payment has not been withdrawn yet, payment will not usually be not initiated until the return has been processed. 

You can also call IRS e-file Payment Services anytime at 1-888-353-4537 to verify your payment.

Contact your state Department of Revenue:


To check the IRS or state payment date selected in TurboTax:

1.     Sign In to TurboTax

2.     Select "Taxes"

3.     Click "My Tax Timeline"

4.     Choose "Some things You can Do"

5.     Select "Download all forms and worksheets"

6.     Review Part V of the Federal Information Worksheet for payment and banking information.

7.     Review State Information Worksheet for payment and banking information.

If you have not set-up your payment through TurboTax, visit  and choose from the payment options available.

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