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Does it say on the 1099 SA form if there was rollover?

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Retirement tax questions

SSA-1099 has no provision for a rollover. It tells you your Social Security benefit for the year. If you have a Form 109-R, with a pension or IRA, those funds are able to be rolled over, but the 1099R itself, will not tell you that.


The exception is if there is Code G in Box 7. That will indicate a trustee to trustee rollover.


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Retirement tax questions

Form 1099-SA has no way to indicate that the distribution was rolled over.  The rollover is a separate transaction that occurs after the reported distribution.  The rollover is indicated by how you report the distribution on your tax return.


In the HSA section:

  1. Answer Yes when asked if you used your HSA to pay for anything in 2020.
  2. Enter the details of the Form 1099-R.
  3. Indicate that you did not use it all for medical expenses.
  4. Indicate the amount used for medical expenses and the amount rolled over.

TurboTax will report the amount distributed on Form 8889 line 14a and will include the amount rolled over on line 14b, calculating the net distribution on line 14c.