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My Form 8880 has a contribution of $6000 on Line 2 which is not correct. I do not have any contributions on my W-2 so where is this coming from? How do I remove it?

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Check to see if you entered W-2, Box 12, D : Contributions to your 401(k) plan instead of DD: Cost of employer-sponsored health coverage. 


To remove a form in TurboTax Online, see How do I view and delete forms in TurboTax Online?


To remove a form in TurboTax CD\Download, see How do I delete a tax form in the TurboTax CD/Download software?

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Retirement tax questions

$6,000 is the contribution limit for an IRA contribution for someone under age 50, so check to see if you entered an IRA contribution under Deductions & Credits.  If you made no traditional or Roth IRA contribution for 2019 and the IRA Contribution Worksheet is present, delete the IRA Contribution Worksheet.