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My daughter is attending a Foreign University that has a FAFSA number. TT will not allow me to enter the address or FAFSA number. How do I enter these expenses?

The university is Maastrict University in the Netehrlands.  Their OPE ID is 04257100 per FAFSA website and the school is listed as eligable.  TurboTax will not allow me to enter the school's ID or address

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The OPE ID you mention is not the same as the Federal Identification Number, which is a Title IV  PAYOR ID with a different number format, which is why TurboTax won't accept it. 

In the Education Expenses section, you can indicate that you 'don't have the Federal ID' and still enter the address and expenses paid. 

You won't be eligible for the American Opportunity Credit (max of $2500) but could still be eligible for the Lifetime Learning Credit (max of $2000) without this number.

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