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Hi , I have received Form 1098-T for my spouse tuition fee, how do i include that in my tax returns?

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How to enter your 1098-t:

  1. Select "Federal" on the left panel  ( See attached pic)
  2. Select the "Deductions & Credits" sub-tab at the top of the screen ( See attached picture)
  3. Choose Show All Tax Breaks
  4. Scroll down to the Education Section and select show more. 
  5. Click Start next to Expenses and Scholarships (Form 1098-T)

If you have not added your wife's information 

Click My info in the left column and scroll down to marital status and make sure you have Married selected. If not select the pencil to the right to edit and change it. From there you will be able to add your wife and be given the option to file jointly.