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My university never sent me a 1098-T form. What should I do?

I am a graduate student enrolled full time in an accredited university in the United States. The university never sent me a 1098-T because they didn't have my SSN on file at the time the forms went out. A financial clerk at school told me to just look up the tuition amounts in my account for tax purposes, but will not send me a 1098-T form. I have records of everything online. What should I do?

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Yes, the clerk is correct. You can use your student school account statement and enter the pertinent information from it.

Make sure you keep a copy with your tax records.

Report what was paid in tax year 2016 for education expenses incurred for tax year 2016 and/or the first 3 months of 2017 (if paid in 2016).

Also report all tax-free assistance.

According to the IRS:

" a taxpayer may claim one of these education benefits without a Form 1098-T if the taxpayer otherwise qualifies, can demonstrate that the taxpayer (or a dependent) was enrolled at an eligible educational institution, and can substantiate the payment of qualified tuition and related expenses."

CLICK HERE for IRS Pub 970 Tax Benefits for Education

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