Level 1

TT "Additional Info 1:Fgn Tax Code I Ln 2 col 3 is listed by no foreign source inc at ind level isted on K-1 worksheet l Line 1." k1-1065, (16 -A B C F I M P)

How to distinguish US source and Foreign source income Sch k-1 worksheets  for Box 16 with codes:  

S 1065 box 16 Foreign Transactions A:Various; B 474 Gross income all sources; C 0  Gross income form all sources; F 85 Passive Category;  I 16 Interest Expense;  M104 Passive category; P 2 Total Foreign Taxes paid.


Level 8

Business & farm

Type in the B amount in the cell above the entry in col 3 "foreign".

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Business & farm

i have entered all of the data supplied to me and turbo tax still generates this error message