Because you have indicated that the education/trai...
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I am filing a Schedule C for my small business. I have education/training expenses to deduct; however, I am not sure where to list them on my Schedule C?

I have already consulted with 2 accountants and was told my education/training expenses could be deducted because the training was not required for me to start this new career. I started my business officially in May 2015 and then started this training in August to enhance my already existing skills. I am not sure where on the Schedule C to list this specific expenses since there wasn't something for education/training. Would it just be under other expenses?

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Because you have indicated that the education/training expenses where not required to begin this new career, enter as a any other business expense.

  • Select Business>I'll choose what I work on>Start/Update on Business Income and Expenses (sch c)>Edit
  • Scroll down and select Other Common Business Expenses>Other Miscellaneous Expenses>Start
  • Provide description and amount of your education/training expenses.

Note on the Any miscellaneous Expenses? page, there is a See More Examples hyperlink. Click it and you will see continuing-education expenses.

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