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How do I fill out an 8829 form?

I see numerous posts from TurboTax on 8829 forms for the home office deduction, but can't seem to find how to add that deduction when I'm logged in doing my taxes. Any ideas?
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If you're deducting home office expenses for your own business see the instructions below (if this is for a home office for your employer the instructions are attached in the article below):

  1. Open your tax return in TurboTax and search for this exact phrase: home office deduction.
  • Click the Jump to home office deduction link in the search results.
  • On the Business Income and Expenses screen, answer Yes.
    • If you land on the summary screen instead, either edit an existing business or add a new one.
    • You'll be prompted to upgrade to the Home & Business version if you're using Premier or a lower-tier version.
  • Proceed through the business interview. At some point we'll ask if you have a home office; answer Yes so that we'll prompt you to enter your home office information later on. 



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