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We live in a 2 family-different gas and electric meter but same water meter. how do you enter utility expenses given proportions had been set for common expenses?

Enter any rental property utility expense: water and electric and gas.  We pay electric and gas for the rental property.  do I add water of the 2 family?

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If you are also paying the water bill and if this is a property where you are living on one side and the tenant is on the other side, then no you cannot enter the entire amount. You cannot take a deduction for the amount that is used by you or your family. You can allocate the water expense proportionately. 

Generally, this is done using the method that will best represent the actual expense.  This could be a 50/50 split in some cases, in other cases (say you have 6 people living on your side of the house and there is only 1 in the tenant unit) you would want to allocate it based on the number of individuals using the water.

If the rental property is occupied by tenants on both sides then you can just enter the water bill as one amount.

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