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Charitable mileage deduction calculation will not calculate; nor will it delete to try again. How do I either get it to calculate or delete the entry?

After about 10 charitable mileage data entries, the 11th would not calculate when the mileage was entered in the "Miles per trip" cell and the "Once" checked.  Rather, the "Miles Driven" cell remains yellow shade and unpopulated, unlike all the previous entries which calculate and change to no shading.  Further, the "Total Donated Value" cell remains blank, unlike the other entries which are properly populated.  I tried removing the entry - but the reference number will not delete. 

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Deductions & credits

It could be a program limitation.  If you are in Forms mode, go to 'Step by Step' mode. Can you click into another area, like WAGES & INCOME, then click back into DEDUCTIONS & CREDITS and Edit CHARITABLE DONATIONS?

Have you tried signing out/in again and going back to that section?  

Did you have mileage for more than 10 different charities?  You can select 'Various' for dates of mileage for each charity and then just enter Total Mileage for each charity.  

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