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I paid a 100.00 in child care but do not have the SSN for the provider, how do I delete this information.

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Deductions & credits

You can still claim the child and dependent care credit when you're missing the provider's social security number or other taxpayer identification number by demonstrating due diligence in attempting to secure this information.

Claim the childcare expenses on Form 2441, Child and Dependent Care Expenses, and provide the care provider's information you have available (such as name and address). Write "See Attached Statement" in the columns missing information. Explain on the attached statement that you requested the provider's identifying number, but the provider didn't give it to you. This statement supports use of due diligence in trying to secure the identifying information for the claim. You will file a paper return by mail to complete this process.

Remember it is federal law for the child care provider to have to provide their SSN information to you for tax purposes.

To Delete Form 2441(Child and Dependent Care Credit):

1. Go to "My Account" in the top right corner

2. Select "Tools"

3. Under "Tools Center" select "Delete a Form"

4. Navigate to "Form 2441" and select "Delete" next to it

For more details on how to file if you cannot obtain their information, see this IRS link: How to claim the Child and Dependent Care Credit without provider info