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How do i write off job related expenses?

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Deductions & credits

Any employee may benefit from deducting Unreimbursed Employee Business Expenses that the IRS considers "ordinary and necessary" to do your job. 

Employee Business Expenses include things like:

  • Union dues
  • Tools
  • Dues or subscriptions to professional societies
  • Licenses
  • Travel and meals for business, including DOT per diem
  • Home office
  • Excess educator expenses
  • Education that either maintains or improves job skills or is required to keep your salary or job.

However, employees can't deduct mileage or commuting costs between their home and main workplace.

Job-related expenses aren't fully deductible as they're subject to the 2% rule (see below)

To get there in TurboTax:

1) Click Search in the top menu 

2) Type 2106 and hit enter

3) Select Jump to 2106