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Accessing 2017 deductions for Central A/C and exterior doors. Existing home.

I am trying to access the energy improvements deduction for my primary home. It is an existing home that I installed exterior doors and central air conditioning in 2017. (Not a new-built home.) 

I think this is the right location in TurboTax--"Energy-Saving Home Improvements\Enter Any Energy-Efficient Improvements." But, the only options shown in the list are are "solar electric" and "solar water heater." There is no option for A/C nor exterior doors. 

Per a similar question on this forum, I searched for "energy improvements," and "jumped to energy improvements." However, this takes me back to the same location in TurboTax--again, without A/C or exterior doors in the available list of options.

Am I in the wrong location in TurboTax? Is there something I'm missing? I've looked through TurboTax help, and this forum, but not found this exact problem described.

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Deductions & credits

Those credits expired at the end of 2016 and are not in the program or on the official IRS forms.  They were just reinstated for 2017 by the budget deal on Feb 8.  It will probably take 2-4 weeks (or more) for the IRS to put them back on the forms, reprogram their computers, and give permission to tax software companies to put the credits back on the forms.

You can wait until the program is updated, or file without the credits and then file an amended return to claim them later.

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