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I do not have 1099 for my photography business.

It keeps saying I need this and I done have one.  I have only started my business in March 2016. So I'm very confused.
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Deductions & credits

To enter your income without a 1099-Misc: 

Type “Schedule C” in the Search box and then select the “Jump to” link. This will take you to where you can enter any cash, personal checks or credit card payments (Form 1099-K) related to your self-employment. You may be asked some general questions about your business. After you answer them, you’ll be taken to the Your Business screen where you can enter this income as Additional Income under Business Income.

 The related expenses are entered in the 1099 MISC section: 

  • Log into your TurboTax online account and click on the Business tab and select Continue
  • Select “I’ll choose what I work on” and this takes you to “Let’s gather your business info” screen
  •  The first section down is Business Income and Expenses, choose Update
  • You are now at the “Here’s  the business info we have so far” screen where you should see your Business listed
  • Click Edit next to that business and on the next screen, scroll down to the fourth section which should be Business Expenses and select “Visit All