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Where to add utility connection expenses in associated with relocation ?

The relocation expense section has 4 possible entries :
- Transporting household goods
- Storage of household goods
- Travel for you and household
- Lodging

The help section in the above items also indicate that you can deduct expenses related to connecting utilities.
- Where do I include the utility connection expenses in the above items
- Can the fees associated with renting an apartment (like admin fee, depsit, application fee etc) can be considered for deduction for relocation ?
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You are correct, you can deduct the cost to disconnect or connect utilities at your old and new homes. You can put them in "Transporting your Household Goods" or "storing" data entry... this TurboTax screen is only a worksheet that is not sent to the IRS. All moving expenses are totaled together and deducted as one amount for tax purposes anyway.

As to the rent fees...they are not allowed as moving expenses per IRS, it includes admin. fees, cost of breaking/entering into lease, deposits...

  1. Federal Taxes
  2. Deductions and Credits
  3. Scroll down to Other Deductions and Credits
  4. Select Moving Expenses


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