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Must I list my property tax paid in 2016? I notice it is no where on my 2015 return.

I simply can't remember if I listed last year or not.
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Deductions & credits

You don't have to enter the property tax you paid, especially if you are not itemizing deductions.

If you do itemize deductions, you benefit from the entry. To enter the property tax please follow these steps:

  1. Click on Federal Taxes > Deductions & Credits  [In TT Self-Employed:  Personal > Deductions & Credits > I'll choose what I work on].
  2. In the Your Home section, start by clicking on the Start/Revisit box next to Property Taxes.  [See Screenshot #1 below.]
  3. Enter your taxes on the next screen, Enter the Property Taxes You Paid.  [Screenshot #2]

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