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Where do I deduct mileage for 1099 misc box 3?

I go from school to school teaching sports to pre schoolers.
Level 2

Deductions & credits

To enter your mileage,

  •  Go to My Account > Tools > Topic Search
  •  Type mileage deduction in the topic search and click Go
  •  Click Edit next to your occupation.
  •  Continue through the interview until you get to the Any Vehicle Expenses or Sales? page or Vehicle Summary page.
  • Click Edit if you have already entered your vehicle.  Answer Yes if you have yet to enter our vehicle information.
  • Proceed through the interview until you get to the Mileage Records for Your Vehicle page.
  • Answer Yes that you kept track of your mileage and you documented it.
  • The next page will ask how you want to enter your mileage.