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Why can’t l sign in, customer for years Ifollowed all instructions,codes. In addition I didn’t get my 2019 turbo tax product,and also I need to up date my payments which has just changed, my account is 9816467 thank you. You can if you like

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It sounds like you're a TurboTax Advantage member.  I'm not sure why you haven't been able to login, but you do have to log in to the Advantage account specifically, versus the regular TurboTax account.  Be sure you're using the same login info as you've always used and that you're signing into TurboTax ADVANTAGE.


If you didn't receive your CD as you typically do, it's possible that your payment info is no longer accurate.  Be sure to check and update your TurboTax Advantage account information, making sure all the info there is current.  I'm linking you to a TurboTax FAQ that should help you out.  Be sure to see the associated helpful links at the bottom of the information, too.  Please reply if you continue to have difficulty.





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Updating your Advantage info  now will only affect the 2020 program sent out next November ... for 2019 you will need to purchase a 2019 program in another way.  Either online directly at TT  or from a qualified reseller in a brick and mortar store or online.