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NC not crediting RMD charity deduction

Problem with NC deductions. Turbo Tax Premier 2019


I used a portion of my RMD as a charitable contribution (say $1000).  This $1000 is excluded from my federal income and is not allowed as a federal charitable contribution.  TurboTax correctly treats this $1000 as an addition to NC income.

This $1000 charitable contribution is not included with my federal charitable deductions but should be included with my NC deductions.  I would expect to see this show on TurboTax form “NC Other Adjust; Line 14, Other Deductions”.  It does not.

The addition to income correctly shows on form “NC Other Adjust; Line 5, Other Additions”

Based on your “Learn More” note this would be something Turbo Tax would automatically enter (similar to the addition).


Note:  I downloaded NC update 1/23/20.

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No, the tax law changed for the treatment of Qualified Charitable Distributions for 2019 in North Carolina. See page 3 of the North Carolina D-401 Instructions.


Now, North Carolina matches the federal treatment. 


If you anticipated an addition to North Carolina and entered it, this entry should be removed from the state section so that TurboTax processes the QCD according to the new rule.


Otherwise, your program may need to update. It sounds like clearing your cache and cookies would help. 

  • Sign out of TurboTax
  • Close your browser window
  • Re-open TurboTax
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State tax filing

Thank you.  I missed this change.  Thanks again for your help