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Neither fed or state of MN has take payment for tax owed. We filed over a month ago.

Supposed to direct debit from our checking account.
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State tax filing

You can check the payment date that you specified by looking at your Filing Instructions document (or Electronic Filing Instructions document), which prints out as part of your tax return paperwork. Your chosen date will display at the top of the page, in the Balance Due/Refund section.

Another way to see how you paid your taxes is to login your TurboTax tax timeline and go through the File section again until you reach the screen that explains the payment methods and what you chose.

If you set-up a payment using direct debit for your income tax payment and you did not specify a payment date for the withdrawal, TurboTax's default payment date will be used (the last day of tax season = April 18th this year).

You can also call IRS e-file Payment Services anytime at 1-888-353-4537 to verify your direct debit.

Also see the following for further information.

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