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How likely am I to be audited if I have a few small typos on my net salary

I think my net salary and my paid federal income taxed amounts are a little off. Looking back one of my W-2s i filed 14350 but it was really suppose to be 14600 (rough estimated amounts, simply to give an idea of the magnitude of the typo) . For a typo of that size am I likely to be audited. What are the chances? Ive already filed and it was an honest mistake. Hopefully not a costly one. Any help, personal opinions or rough percentage chance of personal opinion of my chances of being audited because I understand there is no sure answer or guarantee that I will or will not be audited. Thank you!
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If the error changes the tax you owe, you will get a CP2000 notice.  This is automated and not really an audit, and seems to take 6-12 months to arrive after filing. You will have the choice to pay what they say or dispute it.  

The IRS is supposed to be getting more careful about matching tax returns to W-2s and other documents, but no one has much experience yet on how much slack they will allow before they actually hold up your refund.  If they have your correct wages on file, they may correct your tax return for you  This will delay your refund but at least you won't get the CP2000 notice later.

No one really knows what triggers a full audit.

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