Yes, Wisconsin is one of the states that allows it...
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Can I itemize deductions on a WI Form 1 State Income Tax return even though I used a standard deduction on Federal form 1040?

I filed with Turbo Tax and claimed a standard deduction for Federal.  There was no schedule A prepared or filed.  Therefore, the state return did not populate and file itemized deductions on my WI State Return (Form 1).  I filed it before I caught the error.  I want to file an amended WI Form 1 with itemized deductions.  The form refers to the Federal Schedule A to claim deductions for State.  Can I itemize deductions on the amended state return even though I did not file a schedule A for Federal?

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Yes, Wisconsin is one of the states that allows itemized deductions even though the standard deduction is claimed on the federal. You will need to prepare a federal amended return and enter your itemized deductions so that they will carry over to the Wisconsin return. Then, you will prepare and mail your Wisconsin state return. This type of return is required to be paper-filed.

You will not be able to file the amendment until Form 1040X is available in TurboTax. Once it is available, you will see a hyperlink that says amend my return on the log in page of your return. Please view the Turbotax FAQ below for more information.

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