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If I am a California Resident going to school and working in Oregon? Do I file CA taxes and OR non-residence taxes?

My Federal W-2 box 15 is blank and box 16 is blank but box 17 has a State Income Tax.  

I did receive two state W-2s - 

1) CA - boxes 15 & 16 are completed but no box 17 State Income Tax

2) OR - box 15,16 & 17 are completed

Last year same employer W-2 only contained OR W-2, this year it is so confusing.

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State tax filing

Since you are still a California resident, you need to file a California resident tax return and an Oregon non-resident tax return.  Both California and Oregon will consider your income taxable, but California will give you a credit for the state tax you pay to pay to Oregon.  Between the two states, you will end up paying a combined state tax rate equal to whichever state has the highest rate.

When you prepare your state tax returns, start with the Oregon non-resident tax return first.  The program likes it better that way.

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