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How do I file state taxes if I lived in MD for 6mths (with a job in PA) then lived in PA for 4mths (job in PA) and then lived back in MD again for 2mths (new job in MD)?

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State tax filing

If you lived in PA for more than 30 days as a resident (meaning you maintained an actual home) you would need to file a Return for both PA and for MD.  PA uses the same form for both Part Year Residents and full year resident's, so be sure to read ALL QUESTIONS thoroughly before answering them. Also be sure to note that you were a Part-Year Resident which will allow you to allocate your income and only pay taxes on the income you earned in PA while living in PA.  If you answered this question in the federal interview section this will help guide your interview process for the states.

The income you earned working in PA while living in MD, would not be taxable in PA due to the reciprocal agreement between PA and MD. 

You will also need to file a Part-Year MD return for the period you were a resident as the income you earned while living in MD and working in PA and MD would both be subject to MD income tax.

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