I live ina school district.my employer is in a dif...
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I live ina school district.my employer is in a different city. They took out local income tax. Can I put that local income tax amount on the school district tax withheld?

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This answer assumes you live in Ohio. 

No. The local income tax your employer withheld is City Income tax. City income tax may not be credited on a School District (SD) Income Tax (SDIT) return. They are two separate taxes.

Some Ohio Cities have an income tax. Any Ohio city, with an income tax, is allowed to have withholding taken out of your pay while you worked in that city. Your employer is required to do that withholding. You can't get a refund unless it was improperly withheld, i.e. you didn't actually work there for all or part of the time that your employer was withholding.  If you live in a city (but not an SD) with an income tax that city  will usually allow a credit or partial credit for the withheld tax you paid to the work location city.

To verify or find out if you live in a school district or city with an income tax enter your address at:


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