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Part Year resident: Entering income I received while living in another state? (DC to MD)


I made about $42,000 while living and working in DC from January to April 2018. In May, I moved to Maryland and between May and December I made $43,000.

For both "Part Year Resident" forms, I'm asked to enter any income I received while living in another state. Does this mean that for DC, I should enter that I made $43,000 while living in Maryland? And then for MD, does this mean I would enter that I made $42,000 in DC?

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No.  This question refers to income you made in another state while living in DC or MD.  This is because in those situations, the income is double-taxed, both where you live and where you work.  But in your case, the income was only taxed in one:  the portion you lived in DC was taxed in DC, the portion you lived in MD was taxed only in MD.  DC does not tax nonresidents, so if after you moved to MD you were still working in DC, you were only taxed in MD.  Enter $0 in those boxes on both state returns.

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