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Can i remove a dependent

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After you file

sure. however, if you can claim them, then they cannot claim themselves

you can claim them if these 5 test are met for qualifying child

1) related to you

2) under 19 at end of year and younger than you or spouse if MFJ 


under 24 at end of year and a full time student (enrolled in a qualifying school during any part of 5 calendar months in the year and younger than you or spouse if MFJ

3) child must have the same principal residence as taxpayer for more than 1/2 the year (temporary absences like away at school are ignored

4) the child did not provide over 1/2 their support 

5) didn't file a joint return, exception if filed joint return to get taxes paid in when there was no tax liability 

now lets say all 5 tests aren't met then you have to check to see if person is a qualifying relative by neeting these 3 tests ( relative is a msinomer)

1) member of household - lived in your household all year except for temporary absences


be related 

2) gross income under $4,150 for 2018

3) you provided offer 1/2 person's support. 

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