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I completed the Tax Return 1040 for 2016. How can I print all of the Paperwork that I completed in preparing my tax form?

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After you file

Please see below for details on Printing your complete return including all Forms and Documents that go with it.  Hope this Helps!..


Log into your account and go the 2016 Tax Timeline
Scroll to "some things you can do".  
You should be able to "download/print the PDF", which is a basic version.

There should also be a link there for "download all forms and worksheets" .   Does that second larger PDF have what you need?

If not, try this alternate method which is to open the return and print from the PRINT CENTER:

  • In the 2016 Tax Timeline, go to Some things you can do.
  • Choose Add a State.  (you don't really add one; that's just to get the return to open up.)
  • Once the return is open, then click on MY ACCOUNT up at the top.
  • Then choose PRINT CENTER.
  • Choose to "print/save/view this year's return."  You may have a choice for a PDF "as filed" and one with "all forms and worksheets".  I usually save both.

NOTE:  Do NOT use this method to open a return to make changes to an already-filed return (one that has actually been mailed or efiled.)   If you later need to make changes, you have to go through the formal amending process, and your return must start off exactly as originally filed.

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