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Can I change the amount that printed out on my 1040 ES Tax Form when I filed?

I want to change amount I pay to 1040 ES.

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After you file

Yes - You can change the amount on your 1040-ES voucher--you can just change it manually on the voucher itself.


If you want to change the amount in TurboTax and print out new vouchers, please follow these steps:

To review your estimated payment calculation for 2020 please follow these steps:


  1. In your return, click Federal  > Other Tax Situations.
  2. In the Other Tax Forms section click the Start/Update box next to Form W-4 and estimated taxes.
  3. On the screen, Adjust How Much Tax You Pay, click the No box.
  4. On the Review Your Estimates screen, click the Review Now box.
  5. You can continue through the screens and review your entries.

You can also review the calculations on the Estimated Taxes and Form W-4 Worksheet by going into Forms Mode:

  1. Go into Forms Mode by clicking on the Forms icon in the top right of the blue bar
  2. In the Forms in My Return list on the left, click on ES & W4 Wks
  3. The form will open and you can review the calculations.
  4. If you want to print a copy, click the Print box at the bottom of the screen.
  5. To return to the interview, click on the Step-By-Step icon in the top right of the blue bar.  


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