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I cannot load money onto my netspend card.i activated my knew card with my name on it today and i used the old one yesterday. It says cannot be processed why?

I also activated my intuit turbo tax card i just recieved today and activated it and cant load money onto that either. Whats the problem

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After you file

Turbo Prepaid Visa:

  • For help, please visit or call us toll-free at (888) 285-4169. Unfortunately, TurboTax doesn’t have the access necessary to assist with issues specific to the Turbo Prepaid Visa Card.


  • TurboTax no longer issues Netspend we have switched to Turbo Prepaid Visa, however if you need help with your previously issued Netspend card: call  toll-free (866)  387-7363. 

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