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Can you tell me which dependent(s) have already been claimed?

If it is my daughter (Breanna), I am not claiming her and this might have just not shown on the return.  If it is my grandchildren (Brittnie, Alexander or Isabelle) then I know how to proceed.
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After you file

You can look at your return before filing to make sure you have the right dependents.

To do that:

1.       Go to Tax Tools on the left-hand side.

2.       Go to Tools.

3.       Go to View Tax Summary.

4.       Click Preview my 1040 from the left-hand side.

Scroll down, and you can see who's been claimed on page 1.

If you need to change dependents, go to My Info and scroll down to add or hit the trash can to the right of the dependent's name to take them off.

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