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Accepted 2/11 what is the problem with my return ... Lost bar and tax topic 152 weeks ago... No update

Looking for information or like scenarios. solutions...:/
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After you file

Mine too?!? Lost bars about a week later and where’s my refund just states it’s still being processed and will post date later? I haven’t gotten a letter and I just updated my direct deposit information when I filed... the 1st and 2nd stimulus checks went on a prepaid card but tax return was going into my new checking account. 2nd stimulus deposited on the card the end of Jan but the 3rd was in my checking account so I know that part was updated but when I check my transcript on the irs website and my state tax return they both say no return filed for 2020?? I filed both feb 6 and federal was accepted feb 12 state tax on feb 13 I also get EIC and the additional child credit. I have tried calling the irs but I can not even get through to anything just days call back later? In all my 6 years with turbo tax I have never waited longer than 21 days and not knowing if I made a mistake or if turbo tax even filed them is killing me

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After you file

You can quickly find out if you e-filed your return by checking your status


IRS Tax Topic 152 is just general information about refunds. The IRS doesn't share your information with us, so I can't tell you when you're going to receive your refund. It's has been more than 21 days since your e-filed return was accepted, you can try and call the IRS directly Several TurboTax customers have been successful in calling the IRS to check on their refund status. However, the IRS is extremely busy right now, so expect long delays.


  • For some taxpayers, PATH Act requirements and other identity-protection safeguards implemented by the IRS may account for longer wait times.


Another reason you haven't gotten your refund may be due to the fact that the IRS is trying to send out millions of stimulus payments, especially this latest one, so some of the regular refunds have been delayed for processing until later.


For additional information, click on What if my IRS refund is taking longer than 21 days? 

  • ​​​​​​​Keep checking the IRS’s Where's My Refund to see if your refund status has been updated.
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