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Tax Audit amended my 2019 Fed return very slightly. Will the 2019 return that populates TurboTax show these changes?

Will the 2019 return that populates TurboTax show my amended return? Tax Audit did the paperwork.
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Help me understand, please.  You filed your original 2019 return using TurboTax, then used Tax Audit to prepare and mail your amended return for 2019?


If that's the case, your return you filed using TurboTax will not reflect the changes you made using Tax Audit.  But you should have a copy of your amended 2019 return from Tax Audit, and can use that return to prepare your 2020 return.  Typically, unless you have things such as carryovers, business assets that you're depreciating, or rental expenses (not an exhaustive list), your 2019 return should be complete and "closed" once your amended return has been accepted by the IRS.


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After you file

some items for 2020 are based on the return as originally filed such as adjusted gross income and tax liability for underpayment of estimated tax.  any carryover would be per the amended return, if they changed,  as accepted by the IRS.