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I couldn't efile this year so I opted for the print option. When I open the document though it only has my AZ forms. Where do I download my federal?

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After you file

To view and print Form 1040, you will need to get back into the tax preparation to do this, please follow the instructions below:

  •     Log into your TurboTax account that you filed your return from

  •     Click on My TurboTax at the upper left top of the page
  •     Click on My Tax Timeline
  •     Look under Some Things You Can Do (below your 2016 return status)
  •     Click on Add a State (this is to get in to your return)
  •     Once in your return, click on the My Account at the top of the page on the right
  •     Click on Print Center to view and print your return and filing instructions (select all forms and worksheets)
    This section will show the most updated version of everything you've done up to this point and will give you the option to download and print both your Federal and State return's. The instructions included will let you know what to send in and where if necessary, keep an eye out for forms that indicate that a signature is required.

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