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I spent 80.00 to file with tt. But the irs still hasn't received my efile. Its been 5 days. I have no loan either.

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After you file

IRS starts processing returns on Jan 27

Level 15

After you file

 The IRS has not officially opened yet for return processing as I'll explain in a paragraph below.  


Did you complete the efile process successfully and transmitted the return? When you log into your account, at the Tax Home does the status show as "pending?"   If not, what does it show?


 Although TurboTax allows you to efile early, the IRS will begin processing returns on January 27.  Until then, any returns filed early will remain on TurboTax servers until the IRS starts retrieving them on January 27, except for a few returns that are pulled early by the IRS for testing purposes.   So people would normally hear something back 24-48 hours after the IRS starts processing on Jan. 27, but there can be a backlog at first that is unpredictable each year.


NOTE:   Although the return can be accepted soon after January 27 (or earlier for some), by law the IRS will not issue a refund on tax returns claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit or Additional Child Tax Credit until February 15 at the earliest.