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I printed my 2018 tax return but did not file it, How do I get back in to make a change?

When I log back into the account I don't see an options to take me to my return.  Turbotax thinks I have filed by mail
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After you file

Please follow the instructions below to open your return back up to be able to make changes:

  1. In TurboTax Online, sign into your account.
  2. Select Tax Home in the left menu.
  3. Scroll down to Your tax returns & documents.
  4. Select 2018, and then select Add a State (you're not actually adding a state, this opens the return back up after TurboTax thinks you have filed by mail)
  5. Select the area on the left where you need to make changes (My Info, Federal, State).

Please be aware if you previously have clicked on "Amend return", you might have to click "cancel amend" and then when you get back to the Tax Home screen please click again on "Add a State" to get the return to open back up.

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