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What will I need to do if my original refund was larger than my amended refund?

I'm pretty new to taxes in general, and I filed prematurely (as soon as I got my w-2, turns out I had a few more forms coming that nobody mentioned to me).

My original tax return was 1,000 dollars or so, but I suspect now that I'm amending a ROTH and a 1098-T to it (already received the original return as of Feb. 2018), the amended return is going to be a little lower. Will I be able to pay back the difference via TurboTax connected to my bank, or will I have to write a check to the IRS? 

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After you file

Since all amended tax returns must be filed by mail, you will want to pay the IRS directly. You can mail a check for the difference if you owe the IRS, or the IRS has many payment options on their website here.

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