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My family and I are stationed over seas in Okinawa, Japan. My daughter goes to daycare on base. What do I put for state code and zip code?

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Under "You and Your Family" click on the Child and Dependent Care interview (I suspect you are already there). On the screen that is headed "Let's get some info about your care provider", click on "Other" for SS number or EIN.

This will expose 6 more lines. Enter the foreign provider name and click on "Foreign Provider" underneath. For address, enter anything (I tried "Kadena AFB" since that is where my wife lived as a teenager), enter whatever for City (I entered "Kadena", skip the state and zip code, and then enter the amount paid to this provide in 2018.

This will show up on the 2441 form as a foreign care provider, and you're good to go!

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