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IRS said I did not efile in 2017 and cannot efile for 2018. How to remedy?

I swear I IRS efiled for 2017 but there seems to be no record of this at Intuit or IRS. ( I did e-pay and have records of those payments.) So maybe I screwed up, BUT I do not seem to be able to efile this year. It seems that this is because one of the identifying numbers that is used is last years AGI and that number does not, therefore, exist.

Also, if I cannot IRS efiile, I do not understand how to New York State efile even though NYS says it is required?

Any help out there?

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You can still e-file your 2018 return even if your 2017 Tax Return hasn't been filed yet.  

You just need to indicate that your 2017 AGI was -0-.

If your return is  Rejecting because you entered the wrong amount for your 2017 AGI, please follow these instructions to fix and resend your return:

  • Open your return inTurboTax Account 
  • Click the "File" tab at the top of your screen
  • Continue through the screens and you will be given the opportunity to input your 2017 AGI and enter -0-
  • Keep walking through the steps until you have re-transmitted your return

Please comment below if you need further assistance to fix your return.

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Confused! I am using a desktop version of TT. not the online version. I think that is what "logging in to my account" means. If not I need greater instructions. I did go back and entered 0 and retried e-filing to no avail. I am ready to mail 2017 and 2018 and my neck and eyes hurt.
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